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Growing with our clients.

Analyze. Strategize. Deliver Results.


Mako Business Development was established in 2010 to specialize in data analysis and category management supporting the food manufacturing industry. Over the past eight years, those areas of focus have expanded to include vendor and contract management, financial resource acquisition and grant writing for non-profits, agency and market research project oversight, as well as growing that core business in food marketing and category management.


Our goal is simple. To provide really great expertise, quick turn-around on projects and still maintain an effective cost model so that long-term partnerships make sense. One way we achieve that goal is by more efficient utilization of the resources that clients already have available. Finding ways to better understand existing data and research. Leveraging existing partnerships in the industry where clients may not have them. One of Mako's first client was Tyson Foods. They remain a long-term client partner today, because our primary focus is to bring them constant value and return on their investment. -- Gina Peck, Founder

  • Product management

  • Category management

  • Financial resource acquisition

  • Grant planning and research

  • Market research project management

  • Advertising & Promotion program management

  • Pricing analysis

  • Marketing resource management

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